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About Roger

" My name is Rogerio Alves Pinhal, but everyone calls me Roger and I'm from Mozambique, born in 1992.
My passion for music started in 2004, my dad thought me how to play guitar, and from there on my passion started.

I listen to pretty much every type of music that has a nice melody on it, from chillout to heavy metal, in fact, I used to have a Metal band in ( 2006 - 2011 ) called Darkest Place, and even producing mostly house I still play metal and other styles and I try to implement all the vibes on our current style.

Apart from Music, as a Day job, I am an Airline Pilot.
My Other Hobbies/Passions are: Martial Arts ( Kung Fu Wing Chun), Paragliding and paramotoring, Offroad ridding, Magic tricks, Road Trips, resuming, I love adventure."

Roger Pinhal

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